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Product Committee




The PeeringDB Product Committee (PC) is charged with steering the future product development and running the market outreach efforts to continuously improve the value that PeeringDB delivers to the networks registered with PeeringDB, and the broader community.

Out of Scope



The PC shall work with other PeeringDB committees to ensure an equitable division of development resources in recognition of the volunteer efforts that are ensuring the daily operations.


The PeeringDB Product Committee members serve a 1 year renewable term. Volunteers can submit their candidacy to the PeeringDB Board. The Board will elect a new Product Committee after the Board election or at any time the Board sees the necessity to ensure the continuity of the Product Committee


Decision Policy

Product Committee members will decide by simple majority vote on contested issues called by the Product Committee Chair


We use GitHub issues located at with the ZenHub overlay.

New Issues Evaluate if it's actually an issue, ask for feedback, etc, once it is determined valid, move it to Icebox and label it either bug or enhancement. Moving from New to Icebox probably doesn't need much discussion, it's quite easy to move back or mark as "wontfix" later. If anyone looks at an issue and it seems legit, move to Icebox for discussion. If it's a bug, try to reproduce it, if you can't, comment and ask for more information and leave in new.

Once, with a developer involved, it's decided no more information is needed to be able to fix/implement it, it can move to Backlog, with a rough estimate. Backlog should be ordered with more important higher in the list.

Sprint is the column that's next in the pipeline, which is everything that is approved to work on, so development starts immediately. This would be decided by the Product Committee.

All other PeeringDB projects should go through this issue board since we have to decide priority. For example, when something for peeringdb-py goes into a sprint, we'll make an issue on the peeringdb-py project, and pull it into that board.

Done means completed in development, and will be pushed to beta for review. Issues are not Closed until they're deployed to production.