Updated: Tue Apr 14 22:51:09 UTC 2020

PeeringDB Voter's Guide for Board of Directors Election April 15th through 29th 2020 UTC

Bylaws at https://docs.peeringdb.com/gov/legaldocs/2015-12-08_PeeringDB_Bylaws.pdf define Membership:

"A corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other legal business entity may be a Member of the Corporation. Membership is determined by having both an active PeeringDB.com account and an individual representative or role subscription to the PeeringDB Governance mailing list: http://lists.peeringdb.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pdb-gov"

Each Member may submit one ballot. We are employing Single Transferable Vote (STV) as the voting system. This means that you rank your candidate preferences from most preferred to least preferred. You do not need to rank all the candidates. A later ballot from a representative of a Member will replace a previous ballot from the same Member.

There are 5 seats on the Board of Directors, 2 of which are up for election this year. A Director term is 2 years.

The following schedule applies to Board elections:

Through April 14th 23:59:59 UTC 2020: Candidates may submit their candidacy and a maximum 300 word statement, as determined by the POSIX "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 wc -w" command, or revisions to their statement, to secretary@peeringdb.com.

April 15th 2020: A voter registration form will be sent to the PeeringDB Governance mailing list (pdb-gov@lists.peeringdb.com).

April 15th through 29th 23:59 UTC 2020: Voting. (Registrations received after April 28th UTC are not guaranteed to be processed in time for the April 29th 23:59 UTC voting deadline.)

List of Candidates:

Jan Czmok

Aaron Hughes

Brad Raymo

Job Snijders

Candidate Statements:

Jan Czmok

Jan Czmok was one of the Co-founders of the ECIX (successor of BLNX). With over 25 years of Engineering Experience at numerous ISPs such as Gigabell, Jippii, Cogent and Eunetworks and others he brings in an extensive Knowledge of Technologies, Strategy and Finances. He is an active member at DENOG and NANOG. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-czmok-58917b/

Aaron Hughes

Aaron Hughes is the current elected President of PeeringDB. In his prior terms, he has worked with the Board of Directors, Officers, and supporting volunteers to establish the organization, its bylaws, articles of incorporation, file for and have approved 501(c)(6) status, establish supporting processes, form supporting committees, establish and maintain a budget, setup contracts with vendors, and attract sponsors to support the organization. He has managed the budget well, leaving the organization with zero debt and a healthy outlook. He has also worked with the PeeringDB Product Committee to connect with the community on driving the future of the PeeringDB platform as well as facilitated its open sourcing. If re-elected, he will continue to work with the team to ensure the longevity of the organization utilizing community input and experience.

Aaron is also the President and CEO of 6connect, a leader in network provisioning automation including global resource management of IPv6/IPv4 Addressing, DNS/DNSSEC control for Service Providers and Enterprises, as well as peering automation. He is deeply rooted in community supporting organizations such as ARIN, NANOG, RIPE, APNIC, OpenIX, CaribNOG, and peering communities around the globe. Aaron has held network and system architecture and Sr. level management roles at Lockheed Martin, Cariden Technologies, Terremark, Certainty Solutions, UnitedLayer, Quest Technologies, RCN, UltraNet, and Channel(1) Communications among others. In addition, he helped found the Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) forum and was elected to the ARIN Board of Trustees in 2012 and the OpenIX Board in 2016. He has also participated in the administration of PeeringDB for many years.

Brad Raymo

Brad Raymo is the Director of Peering Strategy at StackPath where he is responsible for peering and interconnection strategy. He has been involved in interconnection in various aspects for over 10 years. He is the currently elected Treasurer of Open-IX and has also been a member of the NANOG Program committee for several years. He has previously served on the Peeringdb Admin committee.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/braymo

Job Snijders

PeeringDB is one of the most important online resources for network operators, and as such I believe it should remain independent, free of charge, neutral and foremost: a pragmatic tool for everyday use. The Internet's foundational infrastructure needs directories to find each other to facilitate interconnection, PeeringDB is a critical index.

I've now built up a few years of useful experience in leadership roles in the NLNOG foundation, various NTT and OpenBSD open source projects, the IETF, RIPE, and of course PeeringDB itself. I believe I can positively contribute to the Internet ecosystem if I continue to serve on the PeeringDB board.

I hope to be given the trust and opportunity for another term!

- Job