Updated: Fri Apr 14 04:12:52 UTC 2023

PeeringDB Voter's Guide for Board of Directors Election April 15th through 29th 2023 UTC

Bylaws at https://docs.peeringdb.com/gov/legaldocs/2015-12-08_PeeringDB_Bylaws.pdf define Membership:

"A corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other legal business entity may be a Member of the Corporation. Membership is determined by having both an active PeeringDB.com account and an individual representative or role subscription to the PeeringDB Governance mailing list: http://lists.peeringdb.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pdb-gov"

Each Member may submit one ballot. We are employing Single Transferable Vote (STV) as the voting system. This means that you rank your candidate preferences from most preferred to least preferred. You do not need to rank all the candidates. A later ballot from a representative of a Member will replace a previous ballot from the same Member.

There are 5 seats on the Board of Directors, 3 of which are up for election this year. A Director term is 2 years.

The following schedule applies to Board elections:

Through April 14th 23:59:59 UTC 2023: Candidates may submit their candidacy and a maximum 300 word statement, as determined by the POSIX "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 wc -w" command, or revisions to their statement, to secretary@peeringdb.com.

April 15th 2023: A voter registration form will be sent to the PeeringDB Governance mailing list (pdb-gov@lists.peeringdb.com).

April 15th through 29th 23:59 UTC 2023: Voting. (Registrations received after April 28th UTC are not guaranteed to be processed in time for the April 29th 23:59 UTC voting deadline.)

List of Candidates:

Graham Beneke

Kevin Karp

Rahul Makhija

Christopher Malayter

Livio Morina

Candidate Statements:

Graham Beneke

Graham is the past chairperson of the INX-ZA (JINX, CINX & DINX) management committee and currently assists in a technical advisory role.

Graham was on the board of the Internet Service Providers Association of South Africa (ISPA) from 2011 to 2020 and chairperson from 2013 to 2019.

He has actively participated in the peering community both within South Africa and across the rest of the African continent since 2008. A regular attendant at AfPIF (African Peering and Interconnect Forum) and various local and regional NOGs.

Currently affiliated with two PeeringDB organisations: Vumatel (https://www.peeringdb.com/org/29195) and SA Digital Villages (https://www.peeringdb.com/org/10220)

PeeringDB is a key tool in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of peering and interconnect. Maintaining the platform for the community is important to global network interconnect operations.

Kevin Karp

Name: Kevin John Karp

PeeringDB Affiliate Organisation: CoClo(Coherent Cloud) (https://www.peeringdb.com/net/4221)

Kevin Karp, B.E.(Hons), B.Sc, GradDipSIA, has over 25 years of experience in board-level commercial management of ICT and investment industry enterprises. He is the founder and Managing Director of CoClo(previously PPS Internet).

In 1995 PPS established Sempernet, one of Australia's first Internet managed services networks.

In 2007, Kevin negotiated and directed CoClo's acquisition of Studentnet, Australia's oldest schools education network, and jointly founded IPv6Now.

Also in 2007, Kevin co-founded IPv6 Now Pty Ltd, Australia's leading provider of IPv6 IT services, training and consultation.

In 2012, Kevin established Coherent Cloud(CoClo) as a new cloud service provider specialising in Identity Provision Services integrated with data control facilities to provide a complete identity management system for enterprises.

In 2013, Kevin was elected to the Board of the Internet Industry Association where he served as a Director until its dissolution.

He is a founding member and immediate past Secretary of the Internet Society of Australia, a Senior Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA).

Rahul Makhija

PeeringDB has proven to be a fantastic piece of software and, over the years, has become the de facto source of information for network interconnections. It has grown to be much more than just a database. The present and past teams have done a tremendous job of driving PeeringDB in the right direction. But there is always scope for improvement and innovative ideas to enhance the usability of any product further. And a fresh approach with the right mindset can do wonders. This is what I envision to bring to the table.

With my ~20 years of experience in the Internet industry, building a national ISP, engagement with various community efforts and by building and launching a few community software projects over the past decade -- I have learnt quite a few things. I believe, my perspective and guidance can help make PeeringDB a little more useful for all of the stakeholders of the Internet ecosystem.

A few studies have concluded that diversity promotes productivity and creativity.

Building a neutral platform for the global village mandates representation from each part of the community. South Asia, where I come from, despite having ~7500 ASNs in the region – has no representation in the PeeringDB board. For context there are ~27000 total ASNs in PeeringDB.

I believe I have given you enough reasons to believe why I might be the ideal candidate.

You have got the right to vote, go ahead and use it. :)

Christopher Malayter

I’ve been involved with PeeringDB since its inception. I helped to drive the creation of the not-for-profit organization that exists today. I’ve always been active within the PeeringDB community. I spent time volunteering on what is now the admin committee. I believe that the organization is amazing and the work that has been done so far has been fantastic.

I’d like to continue my work on the board, continue to ensure neutrality, and to enable frictionless contributions to PeeringDB.

My goals:

1) Continue to maintain neutrality as an organization

2) Enable contributions to be made to the database with reduced friction

3) Driving open-source contributions to PeeringDB

4) Improve CLI and API usability of the system

5) Enabling a better platform to take in feature requests from the community

Thanks for your consideration!

Livio Morina

I'm the owner of a local Italian ISP (Airbeam - AS50877) since 2010 and a board member of AIIP (www.aiip.it), the Italian Association of Internet Providers.

I actively support the ITNOG community development, mainly on the IPv6 topic.

In my vision, PeeringDB is a fundamental tool, but there are still operators that don't know/use it.

To keep PeeringDB free, a wide audience of operators must keep in mind how important this tool is for the inter-networking business.