These docs were meant to go away with beta, but since we haven't made official 2.0 docs yet, they're still around and (hopefully) have been updated to be current.


The MySQL interface is gone.

Local database replication is accomplished with this command line tool, please see the documentation for more information.

The last available MySQL dump is now available at

Changes from version 1

Quick start

If you want to poke around on your own, it's located at with self describing API docs at

More thorough docs are at API Specs, but in a nutshell, just prepend the URL with api/ to get that object in JSON.

For example:

List all via API by taking the id off:

Mailing lists

We have changed the way in which PeeringDB will be announcing future enhancements, changes, maintenance windows, and other information. If you would like to be notified of certain events, or participate in certain discussions, please subscribe to one of the following email lists:

Our goal is to give you all the information you want, and no more. Please subscribe to any of these lists you feel are appropriate, or none. You will still be able to use the database even if you are not subscribed to any lists.




Beta development and reporting issues

How you can help

Thanks for the testing/feedback, we look forward to hearing from you!