Changes to Contacts Marked as Private

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash
We are removing the “Private” status from Points of Contact in PeeringDB in Release 2.30.0. This status was carried over from v1 of PeeringDB but is no longer useful, it just confuses users. It will no longer be available as a status for newly created contacts. And if your organization has one or more contacts marked as “Private” in PeeringDB, admin users will be prompted to make a decision between two statuses when they next log in. These are:

  • Users: only other PeeringDB users can see the Point of Contact
  • Public: the record is shown to anonymous users as well as authenticated users

If you are an administrator for your organization’s entry in PeeringDB, you need to decide which of the Points of Contact you publish should only be disclosed to authenticated PeeringDB users and which should be published to anonymous users.

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