Contributing to translations

Adding a new locale

If you wish to add a new locale, create a new ticket at stating your intent and one of the operators / developers will generate the necessary files for your locale and add them to the repository.

Once they are created and ready, PeeringDB will open a ticket and assign it to you for progress and so multiple people can coordinate progress.

Getting the files

We prefer that you use git, fork the repo, and submit a pull request when done. If you don't want to use git, you may either download them from the appropriate directory at or send an email to and we'll email you the files.


Fork the repository

If you're unfamiliar with forking, check out docs at

To fork the repo:

Clone the forked repository

git clone$GITHUB_USERNAME/peeringdb.git
cd peeringdb

Find the files

Locale files are kept in the locale/ directory.

There are 2 .po files for each language:

Make your changes to the files

Use your favorite gettext translation editor to make changes to the files. Once you are happy with your changes, submit a pull request at

Submit your changes

If you used git, please submit a pull request at, if not, please send the files to

Gettext translation editors

Thanks to the translators!