PeeringDB Outreach Committee

PeeringDB Outreach Committee Charter

Approved by Board July 9th, 2020


The PeeringDB Outreach Committee (OC) is charged with the marketing efforts and running the organization's external engagement to continuously improve the value that PeeringDB delivers to the organisations registered with PeeringDB, and the broader community.

Out of scope



The PeeringDB Outreach Committee members serve a one-year renewable term. Volunteers can submit their candidacy to the Outreach Committee Chair. The Chair and Vice Chair will choose a new Outreach Committee member at any time they see the necessity to ensure the continuity of the Outreach Committee.


Decision policy

Outreach Committee members will decide by simple majority vote on contested issues called by the Outreach Committee Chair.

PeeringDB Common Committee Charter Provisions:

Dispute resolution

If the committee handles an issue in a manner in which a user believes that their view has not been adequately considered, their first action should be to raise the concern with the Committee Chair for further consideration. If the dispute is between the user and the Committee Chair then the issue may alternatively be raised with the Committee Vice Chair. If the dispute cannot be resolved the matter may be brought forward to the PeeringDB Board. The decision by the PeeringDB Board shall be final.

Committee Chair and Vice Chair

The committee elects their Chair and Vice Chair from among their members, subject to PeeringDB Board approval. The Chair and Vice Chair work as a team and distribute the workload between themselves as they deem appropriate. Decisions should be unanimous, however the final decision on any matter is with the Chair. In case the Chair becomes unavailable, the Vice Chair may assume the position of Acting Chair. If the Chair or Vice Chair become permanently unavailable, replacement(s) are elected from the remaining committee members, subject to PeeringDB Board approval.

Meeting notes