IX-F JSON Importer

PeeringDB allows networks and IXPs to update entries via the IX-F JSON import feature.

General remarks

The Importer abides by the recommendations of the Data Ownership Task Force and its resulting Policy Document. Most significantly, this means that unless the tick box Allow IXP Update is enabled by a network, published data will not automatically become unpublished nor will unpublished data automatically become published.

For Networks

There is a tick box Allow IXP Update which governs the behavior of the Importer. By default this is set to disabled.

If Allow IXP Update is enabled, a network entry at an IX may automatically be created, changed, or removed. The network's IX entry is completely governed by the settings in the IX-F JSON data provided by the IX.

If Allow IXP Update is disabled, differences in data provided by the IX and the network will result in the following:

IXP Update Tools:

For IXPs

To enable IX-F JSON import:

If the IX-F JSON state field is present, settings of active, connected, or operational may be used to indicate a network is operational, while a setting of inactive will be interpreted as the network not being operational. This may be used to denote a network in the process of connecting but not yet active, or a network on hiatus.

IX-F Import Preview:

Note: The Importer expects that you also provide IP addresses. If your IX-F JSON has an empty member_list or only contains ASNs, there will be no useful information. You might want to disable the import.

Further Information