2022 Release Notes

The release notes list the GitHub issues and a summary of what has changed in PeeringDB software releases. Release notes for the current year are available on the Release Notes page.

Each new release has a one week beta test period on the beta server before it goes live. The beta and new releases are announced on the PeeringDB Announce Mailing List and on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Release 2.42.0

Beta Announcement Date: 9 November 2022
Release Date: 16 November 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#983 Allow REALPEER to overwrite GHOSTPEER netixlan entry, if asn and IPv6/v4 addresses matches the IX-F Members Export information Improve the quality of IXP data delivered through IX-F Imports for cases when a network disconnects from an IXP but does not update their PeeringDB record.
#1153 Exporting Advanced Search broken Fixes a bug that stopped users exporting some searches as structured data.
#1091 Adjust "Add Facility" menu to include newly defined fields Newly defined fac fields, such as available voltage services, can now be entered when creating the Facility.
#1253 Reset IX-F suggestions link non-functional Fixes a link that presents users with suggestions.
#758 Lightweight user notification mechanism Introduce a mechanism to alert logged in web users to upcoming changes.
#1250 UI shows own email when viewing affiliation requests for an organization Fixes a bug that showed organization admins their own email address instead of the user requesting affiliation.
#1234 Transition from lgtm.com before the service ends Migrate to a new CI service.
#1168 Ops: Throttle strings with "Response size" should be renamed "Repeated request" Improve the quality of error messages related to usage throttling.
#953 User may request affiliation with a deleted organisation Fixes a bug that allowed users to request affiliation with a deleted organization.
#659 Improve readability when users have special permissions Makes a support screen easier to read.
#924 Allow change of ixpfx Improves automation for updating records associated with IXP peering LANs.
#1270 Enable Google Analytics for beta.peeringdb.com Introduces Google Analytics for beta.peeringdb.com. More details.
#1224 Internal admins only: console 504 time-out bug for ix history Fixes a timeout error affecting PeeringDB Admins.
#1283 Footer "Global System Statistics" should be cached within django instance, not updated with every page load Introduces cacheing for the Global System Statistics data on each page.

Release 2.41.1

Release Date: 26 October 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#1275 Missing allowed sources for scripts Adds in some missing sources that were stopping /apidocs and CAPTCHA from working.

Release 2.41.0

Beta Announcement Date: 12 October 2022
Release Date: 26 October 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#586 Add export tool to https://peeringdb.com/cp/peeringdb_server/$type Adds new data exports on CSV format.
#1044 Adding a POC must require an email address or phone number Points of Contact must now have either an email address or a phone number.
#1244 IX-F importer fails on nulled ipv4 / ipv6 properties in vlan_list entries Fixes a bug where the IX-F importer would raise an error when encountering null values for ipv6 or ipv4 properties in the vlan_list property.
#1216 RIR Status update misses ASNs Fixes a bug in the way RIR status is recorded for networks.
#1223 Invalid data (in choice fields) found via API Fixes a bug where some records had invalid values.
#1198 Add automated testing at the browser level Introduces automated testing for web functionality.
#1149 HTTP 404 for dom-purify/purify.min.js.map and showdown/showdown.min.js.map Fixes a JS problem affecting several popular browsers.
#1234 Transition from lgtm.com before the service ends Ensures continuity of continuous security analysis now after lgtm.com closes.

Release 2.40.0

Beta Announcement Date: 14 September 2022
Release Date: 21 September 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#736 Periodic validation of user's contact information Organizations can now require affiliated users to revalidate their accounts after a number of days chosen by the organization.
#737 Restrict email domains for organizations Organizations can now require users to have an email address using a specific domain to affiliate with the organization.
#484 Show username and email address when user is logged in User will now see their username and email address when logged in to the website.
#738 Allow multiple email addresses per user User can have multiple email addresses associated with an account.
#907 User email address change should notify previous email Users will now be notified at the old address when replacing their email address.
#947 Make it possible to display the TOTP secret in text form instead of QR code only When setting up TOTP MFA, users can now see the secret as well as a QR code.
#267 remove users with duplicate emails The user database has been cleaned so that only one user account can have an email address.
#380 DB clean-up of elderly ophaned user accounts Users are notified when their account is not associated with an organization for 60 days. The account is removed a month later if not associated with an organization.
#1157 An account with admin status can not have permissions When users gain admin status for an organization they now lose all granular permissions as they have all permissions.
#468 Have the "Select language" drop down sorted Translation language names are now sorted alphabetically in English with the translated version of the language name presented alongside.
#1202 Add Support for Enums against Locale Field Validates that languages are supported by translations.
#1203 Validate Local Field against set of Enums Improves error handling when users set invalid languages.
#499 Trigger IX-F import when network sets allow_ixp_update to "yes" An IX-F import is now triggered when a network sets allow_ixp_update to yes.
#1213 robots.txt needed, at a minimum to limit bots from creating Django sessions Added robots.txt files to stop search engines indexing pages that shouldn't be indexed.
#1210 UX Bugs Fixes several bugs introduced with the big UX dependency updates rolled out with 2.38.
#959 ASNAUTO tool broken Fixes an issue with the ASNAuto tool sending out incorrect manual approval requests.
#981 Error-handling of failed creation of DeskPRO tickets Fixes a problem with the creation of support tickets.
#1150 Ops: Log Melissa payload in django.log Fixes a logging issue for the Ops team.
#1228 Change "Resul length" to "Result length" Fixes a typo.

This release also introduced a change for updates made with the API. These operations must now be authenticated with an API Key. Our HOWTO document explains how to get started using API Keys.

Release 2.39.0

Beta Announcement Date: 20 July 2022
Release Date: 27 July 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#473 add rir_* fields to keep track of ASN status Improve data quality by adding fields that will allow us to perform statical analysis and remove ASNs when no longer assigned.
#1203 Validate Local Field against set of Enums Improvements to error handling should a user mischievously send junk data.
#1205 Ops: Limit Django sessions to pages that need it Django sessions are now limited to pages that need it.
#941 Organization Merging Tool only offers the first 10 matches Improve the organization merge tool for admins.
#1043 AC Change User Permission broken Fixes a bug that did not remove users from an organization when it was deleted.
#1157 An account with admin status can not have permissions Fixes a bug that did not remove granular permissions for an organization when a users was upgraded to an admin.
#1135 #727 RS Peer Checkbox followup changes Cosmetic changes to the RS Peer Checkbox.

Release 2.38.2

Release Date: 24 June 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#1194 Advanced search issues Fixes a bug that stopped advanced search from delivering results.
#1195 UI: active tabs no longer highlighted after switching Fixes a bug that stopped the current tab being highlighted in active search after changing tab.

Release 2.38.0

Beta Announcement Date: 15 June 2022
Release Date: 22 June 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#930 Admin user is missing the "Edit" button Fixes a bug that prevented users from editing their entries.
#963 Add the IX name and id to IX-F Import Emails Addresses messages to exchange operators more clearly.
#879 Add "Last login" to https://peeringdb.com/cp/peeringdb_server/user/ Let's the Admin Committee know who from an organization most recently logged in.
#1057 Force users to provide input for first / last names when registering with PeeringDB Use the username instead of formal name in tickets when it's not registered.
#660 Bug in renumbering tool Fixes a bug with the renubering tool.
#1172 Ops: Exempt superusers (PeeringDB Admin Committee & Operations Committee admins) from throttling API and Melissa request throttling is no longer applied to authenticated admin users.
#1177 Locale field update has uncaught exception Fixes a bug where a logged in user could send data that generated DataError and Internal Server Error. Exceptions are now caught appropriately and return relevant errors to users.
#1174 Insecure Dependencies Upgrades three dependencies to newer versions that address known vulnerabilities.
#1186 Browser caches OAuth2 application client secrets Fixes a bug that allowed browsers to cache the OAuth2 application details page.
#1184 Tie CSRF token to session Fixes a bug by binding the session ID and the CSRF token together to reduce the risk that an old token is misused.

Release 2.37.0

Beta Announcement Date: 11 May 2022
Release Date: 17 May 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#403 Notify a record holder when there is an automated change to the profile Notifications are now sent when PeeringDB administrators make changes to records.
#1155 Feature Request: Promote OAuth application to admin-level access? Adds organization level OAuth app management and allows organizations to transfer existing OAuth apps tied to their users to the organization.
#942 Failure on Admin Organization Merge Fixes a big that prevented PeeringDB Admins from merging organizations.
#960 Change any "Primary ASN" to "ASN" Replaces the phrase "Primary ASN" with "ASN" everywhere as the Primary ASN concept does not exist in PeeringDB 2.0.
#986 Add link to release notes to the footer of www.peeringdb.com Release notes are now linked from the footer, making them easier for all users to find.

Release 2.36.0

Beta Announcement Date: 13 April 2022
Release Date: 11 May 2022

GitHub issue Summary
peeringdb-py #62 Support User & Org API keys Adds API keys support for the peeringdb-py cacheing client.
#1079 Normalize the names of states & provinces for various objects Normalizes names for states and provinces, improving search experience.
#784 Do not show objects in status "pending" on the UI Objects that do not have an OK status are no longer returned in search results.
#996 500 Error during login for 2FA enabled accounts with unverified email address Fixes a bug that generated a 500 error when logging in with an account whose e-mail address had not been verified.
#845 Need consolidated app logs Improvements to logging.
#1119 Some command-line-tool executions are not logged Improves logging so AC tools can undo actions.
#1120 Ops: response header X-Auth-ID to augment logging Logs the user for requested authenticated by API keys allowing them to be contacted.
#1121 Ops: API throttling needs customizable messages API requests can now be throttled with custom return code (HTTP 429).
#1122 Logging for melissa (geo-address normalization) queries Adds support for logging geosearch queries to the external API.
#1124 Allow rate-limiting of melissa enabled api functionality. Adds support for rate-limiting the geosearch features that rely on an external API.
#1126 Ops: API throttling of repeated requests Adds support for throttling repeated requests.
#1096 Clicking on Facility history in AC GUI throws 500 Fixes a bug that hid fac history.
#1035 Django-Admin: adding a network with existing asn fails with internal error Fixes a bug that returned a 500 error when a user attempted to add a net with the same ASN as an existing object. It now returns a more helpful validation error.

Release 2.35.0

Beta Announcement Date: 8 March 2022
Release Date: 22 March 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#506 Add "Management" search field to Advanced Search of Exchanges Allows users to search for IXPs based on the organization that operates the IXP.
#727 RS Peer Checkbox also visible on IX Site Information about networks claiming to peer with the Route Server is now shown on the IXP's page.
#512 New Field "Health Check" Networks, IXPs, and Facilities can now link to a status dashboard page.
#653 missing delete button for user There is now a button to delete a user account directly through the web interface.
#656 Sort user IDs in https://www.peeringdb.com/cp/peeringdb_server/userpermission/xxxxx numerically Fixes the sorting order of user IDs, so they are now sorted in numerical order.
#881 wrap correctly on mobile The ASN column on mobile view will show seven digits before wrapping the number.
#908 2FA Backup Tokens language doesn't seem correct Fixes the backup tokens language for 2FA.
#916 To force or not to force www, that is a question Forces https://www.peeringdb.com as the URL for PeeringDB, enabling other improvements. Some clients will need to adjust their endpoints to use www.peeringdb.com. curl users will want to use the -L flag.
#1042 Long caching of deleted entries Fixes a problem where deleted objects continued to be returned because of cacheing.
#1117 Bad API keys need to return 401 just like a bad user/pass. Presently they return 200 Fixes a problem where corrupt or expired or bogus API key simply resulted in an anonymous user session.

Release 2.34.0

Beta Announcement Date: 9 February 2022
Release Date: 16 February 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#722 Create a validation tool for syntactically well defined fields Introduces a tool to improve data quality by validating syntactically well defined fields.
#853 substantially rate limit unauthenticated /api/ queries to encourage authenticated queries Introduces rate limiting for unauthenticated API queries to reduce the possibility of service impacting queries.
#620 Add organisations and registered users to "Global System Statistics" in footer Adds the number of registered users to the footer, giving users a better idea of the size of the interconnection community.

Release 2.33.0

Beta Announcement Date: 12 January 2022
Release Date: 19 January 2022

GitHub issue Summary
#1083 Nanog 83 Hackathon improvements to the PeeringDB Website When using simple search on the front page of www.peeringdb.com (or via the API) searches for numbers return the most relevant results. Key changes include: searching for a short ASN returns just that network, and searches for two segments of an IP address are required to return related ix and net objects.
#1070 OpenID Connect integration Allows organizations using PeeringDB to enable an identity federation with a managed service.
#692 Add FIDO U2F 2FA support Adds support for FIDO U2F hardware tokens, allowing users to enable 2FA without relying on a TOTP app.
#1033 Clicking "Add" to add a user api-key without providing a name for the key raises Internal Error Fixes a bug where unnamed user api-keys could not be added and there was just an internal error.
#374 make URL required for new objects A URL to a website is now required when adding new objects.
#469 Add IXP to AS record / dropdown limited Fixes a bug that limited the number of entries in the dropdown menu when adding an ix to a net.
#284 global stats don't show up at login screen Global stats are now shown at the login web page.
#874 Better error message when entering the wrong password for email change Improved the error message when entering the wrong password for an e-mail change.
#365 Username retrieval non-existant email bug Fixes a bug where we attempted to send mail to non-existant addresses.
#735 Cascade delete when performed by superuser Admin users can now cascade delete through the admin interface.
#901 Creating a facility that matches the name of a soft-deleted facility will cause the entry to bypass the verification queue Fixes a bug where fac creation could bypass the validation process.
#921 irr source validator doesn't allow for hyphens in source IRRs with a hyphen in the name, like ARIN-NONAUTH, are now supported.
#1060 "HARAKIRI ON WORKER" issues need to be resolved Fixes an operational issue.
#1062 Registering a new facility or exchange organization is broken Fixes a bug that prevented new fac and ix objects to be registered.
#1077 Possible for "pending" exchange to have "deleted" ixlan Fixes a bug that allowed linked ix objects to jhave a different status, affecting API sync.
#1088 Tweaks for empty organization clean up Fixes a bug that allowed sponsor organizations to be deleted by an automatic process when they should not be.