Tools to Help You Get the Best from PeeringDB

Many PeeringDB users develop tools that make use of our API to help you analyze our data and make informed decisions. This page features tools that have been made freely available for anyone to use under permissive licenses.

If you have developed a tool and would like to be added to this page, please contact with details and we will follow up with you.

Name Function
ARouteServer ARouteServer builds and tests feature-rich configurations for BGP route servers. Routing policy information is sourced from PeeringDB. It delivers a templated configuration file for BIRD or OpenBGPD route servers.
django-peeringdb Django library with a local PeeringDB database sync. It defines the database schema to create a local database copy. The library is easy to integrate into a common framework for local tools and custom interfaces, and also supports multiple database engines (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite).
ixgen Ixgen is yet-another open-source, multi-platform generator for peering configurations on IXs incorporating the global peeringdb api, but also is able to spin up its own "compatible" server for faster results. Ixgen is configured by an INI- or JSON-style format, producing custom template-driven or fixed json-style configurations, that can be printed on the terminal, to a file or served by HTTP.
IXP Manager IXP Manager is a full stack management platform for Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) which includes an administration and customer portal; provides end to end provisioning; and both teaches and implements best practice.
pdb-intersect Find common peering points in peeringdb. This is a brother to PeerFinder. It will find common possible peering points, even if either of the peering parties is NOT using the same ASN in all locations (like, incidentally, 3557 does).
PeerFinder PeerFinder is a python3.7 and beyond script which finds common points of presence between ASNs as reported by PeeringDB.
Peering Manager Peering Manager is an open-source BGP management solution built with Python and Django. Designed with features and simplicity in mind, it allows engineers to track and configure BGP sessions on networks without having to copy and paste existing configurations.
peeringdb-py peeringdb-py is a Python client for PeeringDB. It features functions to get objects and display them in JSON or YAML format, and provides a whois-like display of records. The client also has an integrated local database sync, and provides a Python library for integration with custom tools. Some examples are available too.
rich-traceroute rich-traceroute enhances traceroute output with additional information, like the origin ASNs of the IPs and the name of any Internet Exchange peering LAN that shows up in the path.
Search in PeeringDB Search in PeeringDB a Chrome extension to search for ASNs, networks, and IXs in PeeringDB using the context menu.
TraceMON TraceMON is a tool for visualizing a network topology generated by traceroutes that provides one-click access to IXP and network information. It also displays PeeringDB information and allows the user to update their record. RIPE Atlas users can access it by selecting a traceroute measurement and clicking on the TraceMON tab