Organizational Policy Features and More

We want administrators for organizations in PeeringDB to log in and to look around. We have created some new settings to help you manage users affiliated with your organization in PeeringDB.

There are three key changes you'll want to look at.

  1. You can now require your users to use a specific email domain. For example, if your company email uses, you could require them to have an email address for their PeeringDB account.
  2. You can now force users to revalidate their PeeringDB account periodically. You can set the period that fits with your organization's needs.
  3. Your users can now have multiple email addresses for their PeeringDB account.

We have published a HOWTO that walks administrators through the details of how to configure these features.

This release also includes improvements contributed by developers at Amazon and Google. We are grateful for their contributions.

Take a look at our HOWTO about developing for PeeringDB if you'd like to contribute.

This release also has several small feature improvements and changes that allow us to provide users with better support.

If you have an idea to improve PeeringDB you can share it on our low traffic mailing lists or create an issue directly on GitHub. If you find a data quality issue, please let us know at

PeeringDB is a freely available, user-maintained, database of networks, and the go-to location for interconnection data. The database facilitates the global interconnection of networks at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), data centers, and other interconnection facilities, and is the first stop in making interconnection decisions.